• 20 KW TO 500 KW GAS
  • 20 KW TO 1200 KW DIESEL

Superior Power Systems generator sets have been developed with an insight for the needs of end user. Generator owners enjoy the benefits of our quality products built with exacting methods to insure reliability while minimizing sound. Superior uses the highest quality, easily maintainable components in the production of their generators, while many manufacturers have resorted to using cheaper, proprietary components in order to sell overpriced parts. Superior adheres to exhaustive detailed factory testing on each and every unit it produces. Our commitment to testing and performance insures your generator will operate as expected in the field. Manufacturing to prototype standards simply will not satisfy the scrutiny of our production engineers. Superior’s introduction and subsequent use of fiberglass enclosures for generator installations has been acknowledged as perhaps the most important improvement in the deterrence of corrosion. The end result is a further reduction in noise emissions to the surrounding environment. We remain committed to finding solutions to problems you will encounter in the future by insisting on Superior quality today.

Home Generators


  • 9 KW TO 100KW GAS
  • 12 KW TO 100KW DIESEL

Superior Sentinel SR Series has been developed with the discriminating homeowner in mind. These units are designed to provide dependable backup power for larger homes. They are constructed with proven high grade components chosen for there long term reliability rather than a low initial cost. The SR Series features Superior’s revolutionary fiberglass enclosures which are constructed using the same techniques and materials as custom boat builders use. The overall package, combined with on site service and maintenance, is intended to provide the home owner with many years of dependable service.