As a business owner, property manager, or other business professional, you have a responsibility to keep your business up and running and to assure the services and/or products that you provide are available to your customers. Whether you are a retailer, restaurant owner, manufacturer, or service provider, loss of power can be a costly event to your business.

A power loss will disable your heating, air-conditioning, freezers, refrigerators, water pumps, security system, and lighting. A power loss can occur at anytime. Many power losses are for short periods of time, but a power loss of hours or days can be devastating to your bottom line.

You should be prepared for loss of power with a standby power generator with proper service to keep it in top working condition when you need it most.  A power loss from a wind, ice or snow storm, blizzard, hurricane, earthquake, excessive heat, regional flooding and even a tornado can stop your business cold.

The Power Equipment Group has a wide range of standby power solutions to meet the needs of most every business requirement. We can meet with you and review your requirements and recommend a standby power generator that will be ready to meet the need should you lose power. Whether you purchased a generator from us, or use us to service your generator, we want to build a longterm relationship with you as your go to Standby Power Partner.