Give Your Mission-Critical Standby Power the Care it Deserves.

We service all makes and models of standby power generators.

Our strength is in the quality, timeliness and reliability of our standby power generator service and maintenance. We offer Planned Preventive Maintenance of your generator to insure that it is ready to provide the power that you need at the time you need it. We also provided first class emergency, routine service, retrofits and upgrades to all makes and models of generators.

Our goal is to provide our customers with service that exceeds their expectations: offering pre sales consulting, superior quality equipment and post sales service. Whether you buy a generator from us, or use us to service your generator, we want to build a longterm relationship as your go to Standby Power Partner.

Generator Services Offered By The Power Equipment Group

The Power Equipment Group understands that service is as important as the standby power generator that you own or purchase. Without proper service, as with any machinery, the reliability and the value of the equipment are reduced and this can lead to a critical failure of your generator at the wrong time.

  • Service
    We provide professional, first class service on all makes and models of standby power generators.
  • Planned Preventive Maintenance
    We offer planned preventive maintenance service packages designed to meet your needs and the needs of the equipment you own or purchase. These service packages can be customized based on your unique requirements.

Learn More About: Planned Preventive Maintenance

The Power Equipment Group provides planned preventive maintenance for all makes and models of standby power generators. We have over 50 years of experience servicing standby power generators, keeping our clients satisfied and giving them peace-of-mind in the event of a power loss.

Planned Preventive Maintenance For Standby Power Systems

Like any other equipment, your standby power systems needs periodic planned preventive maintenance to keep it in good condition, ready to operate when you lose power. A power failure is not the time to find out that your systems has a problem. A consistent planned maintenance schedule will uncover, diagnose and correct minor problems before they become costly.

The Power Equipment Group offers planned preventive maintenance programs tailored to your needs. These programs include regularly scheduled 62 point inspections, fluid and filter changes, environmentally safe disposal of used fluids, oil analysis and compete testing of your system.

Our maintenance programs enable us to find minor problems with you equipment and correct them before they become a major problem. While planned preventive maintenance does not guarantee you will never have a problem, it definitely reduces the chance for a critical breakdown.

Our Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Programs includes the following:

  • Schedule Inspections
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Load Bank Testing
  • Electrical Systems Testing
  • Oil Analysis
  • Remote Wireless Monitoring
  • Fuel Cleaning and Filtering
  • Base Tank Replacement

The Power Equipment Group can supply you with generators and ATS rentals, if needed, as well as new equipment.

  • Retrofit/Upgrade
    Often an existing standby power generator will need to be overhauled or upgraded to insure continued reliability. We can examine and test your generator to see if retrofitting your existing equipment will make it more efficient and dependable. We can execute upgrades, voltage changes and frequency refinements to your generator, if your power needs have changed, to meet your new requirements. Prolonged operation in confined indoor spaces can sometimes lead to overheating. We can remedy that problem with remote radiator retrofits.
  • Relocation
    Site requirements sometimes necessitate the relocation of generators. We can assist with the alteration of your equipment to insure proper application in its new assignment. We can provide state of the art enclosures to move units from indoors to outdoors. We can modify units and change voltages, when necessary, to be used at entirely new locations. 
  • Second Opinion
    Many times a quote for service on equipment can be confusing when the company offering the quote is not clear about what services are being provided. Additionally, these quotes are often made without careful review and testing of the equipment you own. Frequently these quotes are either way above what is required for your generator or below the minimum requirement to keep your equipment ready to provide the power that you need when you need it most.